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Interior Design

Interior designing has come a long way from what it used to be. There are no fixed solutions, no fixed colour palette, not even a fixed furniture set or a place where to put what? Interior Designing has been revolutionized by ideas swarming in from each and every phase of life. A corporate top-shot wants his interiors to look classy and sober, whereas an automobile aficionado wants a Jeep hood for his kitchen table.

Similarly the interior décor now has been divided into various parts. It is not necessary to completely remodel your home if you want to hire an interior designer. Designers are now working on a very minute but impactful scale. You want your bedrooms done right, hire an interior designer, you want remapping your cabin, call the interior guy. There are a lot of projects going on worldwide that only deals with developing and providing sitting items for a living space, or wall hangings for your hallway.

Combining both these facets of designing now has ushered in immense possibilities of working on bespoke, tailor-made design solutions. Interior Designing helps you make a statement of your style, every time a guest enters your home. Take an example of our Halls. They are just an open space between our rooms, nobody considers serious enough to be designed. However, they are also the first thing a guest sees while entering your house and also the space which you use most often while going from one room to other. Designing the hall with minimalist or conventional themes makes the first impression of your house and urges the guest to take a mental note of your efforts and appreciate you.

Malvi Gajjar Architects and designers are experts in interior décor. Being in the business as a professional since last 15 years has let us experience first-hand that how designing a simple wall or installing a décor piece in your empty space creates an overall different ambience. And as we always say, it makes your perfect space, a dream come true.

interior design

Why should I hire an interior designer

When someone thinks about hiring an interior designer they often want the aesthetic value of the place. But the topmost question will be,

“Why should I hire an interior designer, when everything is available online. I can choose a design by surfing on google. I can check furniture online and buy them.

they also imagine that hiring an interior designer may be a costly affair.

Believe me, it will not. Because hiring an interior designer will save your time and money. Plus you will get more than you expected.

Let me put few points out of many.


We need to invest lots of hours to design our own space. Spending thousands of hours on research to reach our expectation. At the same time, an experienced interior designer can reach on conclusion within a few minutes. It is because she already invested her time till today in these kinds of works.

When starting with a design, we will have many conversations with builders and architects. An interior designer can illuminate half of them. Finding the right agencies and deal with them may be a major task. Experience designers have their own team of different agencies, that will save us from a headache.

A team of experts has immediate answers of all problems that will save our time and can complete the project on time.


Hiring someone who has a good aesthetic value of space, who can visualize the space. She knows where to put furniture and which space should be mute can create a conversation. An experienced interior designer can guide us about the curtain, sofa, color, texture and lots more. That will create an ambiance. The team of experts in interior design also keep us in the budget. Hiring an experienced interior designer will help you to purchase the best material from the best place with the best price.


Design a space for you, your family and your team – It’s all about you. Everyone has their own dreams, desire, and requirements. So why should we design our home looks like a furniture catalogue? An experienced designer can do this. No doubt it is difficult to put all our dreams and requirements together, but we can expect this from an interior designer. She will surely come out with the best solution which will be practical, in budget, as per our dream and requirement. She has that experience that she can mix the right amount of ingredients and can offer us the best thing!

Interior designers have different trainings than architects. They can think differently than we usually do. A small creative element between two rooms can enhance the quality of your life. Your home and office must make you feel fabulous. Hiring an interior design from the scratch will be more fun, less headache and less the levels of stress.

Malvi Gajjar is an experienced team of architect and interior designer. You can trust them for your space design. She has a quality portfolio in interior designing. Believe me, you will get more value than you spent on it.


Modern Day Architects – Malvi Gajjar

Architecture in the previous times was a style and a piece of art which was based on a typical culture or the geometrical locations and such factors. It was also associated with kingdoms and dynasties who designed and commissioned lavish palaces and impeccable mansions. Whereas the local masses had neither the ideas nor the means to go for exclusivity in designing.

However, the modern day has proved a budding ground for art forms of all types and the one type form which has penetrated the deepest is Architecture. Today, our cities, our bridges, parks, shopping malls, colonies, homes, our rooms and even bathrooms are being designed by architects. The first and foremost reason for this being the awareness. Awareness of students who now understand that even a small family home can be an example of ultimate architecture. Awareness in the populace that hiring an architect not only exaggerates the design of your home but also, saves you the time, money and efforts.

Malvi Gajjar Architects & Interior Designers take pride in being in the business for more than 15 years and still being relative. We work on one purpose and one purpose only, to make your dreams, a reality. We understand very well that our current generation is not the one to sit back and being with the flow. They are the ones to stir things up our own way. May it be offices, factories, or our cosy homes, they always want the best.

And to create the best, we do not follow our own specific set of rules or trends, we listen to our customer. We deliver what our customer wants in each & every way possible. Every family has their own definition of best and one solution does not apply to all. Hence it is our working Mantra to cater to your needs and your ideas of making your perfect space a dream come true.